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Textile conservation of Costumes, Costume Accessories, Flags, Historic Dress, Lace, Objects incorporating textiles, Quilts, Religious/Sacral artifacts, Samplers, Tapestries, Thangkas, and Upholstery.



State Art Collections Dresden (Armory), Dresden, Germany

Power and Fashion (The Electoral Wardrobe):

Parade Garment, Prince-Elector Christian I. of Saxony, 16th c.
Hunting ensemble with turquoises, 1607
Hunting ensemble with emeralds, 1608

Giant's Hall (link to the collection):

Three swords with leather and textile hand cover, German, mid 16th c.
Execution sword with leather and textile hand cover, German, mid 16th c.

Türckische Cammer (link to the collection):

Horsewhip, Tatar, before 1713
Collection of sword sheaths, Ottoman and Hungarian, 16th to 18th c.
Dagger sheath, Indian, 17th/18th c.
Saddle and two saddle blades, Polish or Tatar, 18th c.
Saber sheath, Transylvanian or Hungarian, 17th c.
Broadsword sheath, Transylvanian, 1664
Saddle, Ottoman, 17th c.
Saddle, Ottoman, ca. 1600 (link)

Additional Objects:

Küriss saddle, Anton Peffenhauser, Augsburg, 1588
Collection of sword sheaths, various origin and era
Three double handled swords, end 16th c.
Horse neck blanket, ca. 1709
Saber sheath and sword belt, end 17th c.
Royal dog collar , German, before 1620
Saber sheath and belt, German, before 1583
Sword sheath, ca.1633
Double-edged sword sheath, 17th c.
Sword sheath, Swiss Guard uniform, 18th c.

Textile Collection Survey of the following artifacts:

Costume, Prince-Elector Christian II , early 17th. c.
Costume of era Johann Georg's I, 1619
Costume of era Johann Georg's II, 1619
Child’s Costume, 17th c.
Costume of Prince Elector Johann Georg I of Saxony, Hat,
  Vest with Sash, Pants and Sword Sheath , ca.1611
Sword Sheath, embroidered, red silk, 17th c.
Cavalry pistol cover with Polish Insignia, after 1703
Sword Sheath, embroidered silk battle motifs, 17th c.
Sword Sheath, embroidered silk and gold, 17th c.

Museum Schloss Heidecksburg, Rudelstadt, Germany (link to the collection)

Saddle from the der Zeughaus collection, 17th c. (condition before conservation)

Museum Castle Delitzsch, Delitzsch, Germany

Textile Collection Survey:

Tapestry, 1559

Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Germany

Riding Accessories, Ottoman

The Taft Museum Ohio, USA

Tapestry: Adoration of The Magi, Brussel, early 16th c.
Tapestry: The Dream of Rinaldo, After Francois Boucher, Beauvais, ca. 1755-78
Tapestry: Flute Player, after Francois Boucher, Beauvais, ca. 1755-78

Textile Collection survey: Lace, tapestries, woven textiles:

Tapestry: Flute Player, ca. 1755-78
Venetian Lace, 17th c.
Milanese Bobbin Lace
Italian Lace, Punto in Aria, 17th c.
Lace, Punto a Reticella, 19th c.
Lace, Venetian rose-point lace, 19th c.
Drapery Panels, Les Sphinx medaillons a l’antique, ca. 1805
Drapery Panels, Leda and the Swan or Le Lion Amoureux, ca. 1797
Drapery Panel: Scenes Romaines, ca. 1821

Henry Ford Museum Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Upholstery of Early American Campbell Coach (Chariot), New York, ca. 1797

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Beetles (Ringo) Colorless Jacket & Pants, 20th c.
John Lennon, Leather Jacket, 20th c.
Britney Spears, Red Jumpsuit, 20th c.

Akron Museum of Art Akron, Ohio, USA

Exhibition Preparation/Removal, Japanese Textile Exhibition

Allen Memorial Art Museum Oberlin, Ohio, USA (link)

Man’s Semi-formal Court Coat, China, Manchu
Woman’s Semi-formal Court Coat, China, Manchu
Theater Coat for the Role of a Lamist Priest, China, Qing Dynasty,18th c.
Turkoman Yomut Saddle Cover, ca. 1900
Egungun costume, Ouidah, Peoples Republic of Benin (formerly Dahomey)
Egungun costume, Ogbomoso, Nigeria (Yoruba)
Trans-Caucasian Brocaded Pillow Face, ca. 1875
Asian (West Central); Yomud Strut Pole Cover, ca. 1900
Persian, Baluch, Cushion, ca. 1920
Filipino; Luzon Shawl, 1910-1930
Polynesian Tapa Cloth Fragment, ca. 1900

Indiana State Museum Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Red Silk Brocade Open Robe, Petticoat & Stomacher
Civil War, Union Army Sergeant=s Tunic, American, 1860’s
Cotton Mull Wedding Dress, American, ca.1806
Worth Silk Dress, 1900’s

Textile Collection Survey of the following artifacts:

Green Child’s Dress, American, 1830s
Man’s Suitcoat, Pants & Vest, early, American, 1900’s
Riding Habit, American, 1900’s
Lavender/gray Silk Beaded Dress, American, 1900’s
Green and White Gingham Overalls, American, 1900’s

Toledo Museum of Art Toledo, Ohio, USA

Tapestry: “Romulus Brings the Head of Amulius to Numitor”.


Edsel & Eleanor Ford House Grosse Point Shores, MI, USA (link)

Eleanor Ford’s Wedding Dress and Veil, American, early 20th c.
Martha Ford’s (Firestone) Wedding Veil, American early 20th c.
Josephine Ford’s (Ford) Wedding Veil, American, early 20th c.
Needlepoint (Diana and Acteaon), English, ca.1660
Tapestry Pillow (17th c. fragment)
Louis XV-Style Walnut Stool w/ Silk Upholstery
Upholstery, Tapestry, William & Mary Walnut Settee, English, 16th c.
Upholstery, Queen Anne Settee, 17th c.
Armchairs, Curule, English, 1650-1700
Set of Armchairs, American, 15th c.
Upholstery, Tapestry, Set William & Mary Wing chairs, 17th c.
Upholstery, Knole Sofa, 19th c.
Set of Linen & Silk Bedcovers, 20th c.
Silk Cushions, Mrs. Ford’ Bedroom, American, 20th c.
Side Chairs, Upholstery, American, ca.1938

Geauga County Historical Society Ohio, USA

American Flag, 19th c.

Western Reserve Historical Society/Shandy Hall Harpersfield, Ohio, USA

Drapery Panels, Harpersfield, Ohio, American, 1700’s
Nursing Dress, American, late 1700’s
Seventh Ohio Flag, American, 1864
Wedding Gown, American, 1900’s

Ohio Historical Society Ohio, USA

Dunbar Suit, Pants, Vest and Jacket, American, 1900’s


Driehaus Capital Management Chicago, IL

TRW, Cleveland Ohio


Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio, USA (link)

American Flag, ca. 1812
Lectures and Seminars for Museum Studies graduate students

Laural School Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Quilt, “Tree with Flowers”, American, 1996

Nurse’s Association Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Historical Nursing Uniforms, American, 18th -19th centuries:
  Cape, White Uniform, Blue-striped Dress, Cadet Summer Uniform, Cap, Cadet’s Cap, Smock

Akron Library Akron, Ohio

U.S.S. Akron Christening Banner, American, 20 C.


Deerfield Township Government Collections Ohio, USA

Early American Flag, 19th C.

Cuyahoga Falls Government Collections Ohio, USA

Early American Flag, 19th C.


Temple Emanu El, Cleveland Ohio, USA

Torah Case, 20th C.

*Individual and non-institutional clients and their objects are not listed in order to preserve their privacy.

For additional conservation references concerning medieval Asian textiles conserved at The Cleveland Museum of Art for “When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles
in The Cleveland and Metropolitan Museums of Art” NYC please refer to Karen Klingbiel’s
resume. To reference ancient and medieval textiles in treatment at the Abegg Foundation under the
guidance of Dr. Mechtild Flury-Lemberg, please refer to Karen Klingbiel’s
resume as well.

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